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At Expert Care Center Pain Management, patients can receive a wide range of knee pain treatments, from medications to advanced therapies like peripheral nerve stimulation. The knee bears the weight of our daily activities, playing an essential role in our movement. Yet, it is susceptible to trauma and other negative factors that cause pain. When searching for relief, the expertise of a skilled professional like Dr. Gazelle Aram becomes invaluable. She is a double board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each procedure. Dr. Aram offers comprehensive assessments and personalized treatment plans that are tailored to the unique needs of individuals grappling with knee pain.


Causes of Knee Pain

Treatments Offered
by Our Knee Pain Doctor


Braces can be an effective treatment for knee pain that is associated with injuries or arthritis. They work by stabilizing the joint, reducing stress and strain. Braces come in many types, like functional knee braces, which increase the flexibility of movement, and unloader braces, which help to shift weight off the affected area of the knee. These devices can provide substantial pain relief when used appropriately under medical guidance. Our orthopedic doctor provides custom-fitted braces to address all knee conditions in the most effective way.

Genicular nerve radiofrequency ablation is a procedure in which heat is applied to genicular nerves in the knee to disrupt pain signals. A probe is inserted and moved to the targeted nerve under the guidance of ultrasound or X-rays. Then, radiofrequency energy is delivered to heat the nerve. This non-surgical procedure aims to provide long-term pain relief for those suffering from chronic knee discomfort due to osteoarthritis or other conditions. 

Peripheral Nerve Stimulators (PNS) are devices that send electrical impulses to nerves to modify pain signals. Electrodes are placed near nerves around the knee to stimulate them. The electrical impulses block pain signals from the knee from reaching the brain, providing significant relief. PNS treatments can reduce knee aches and improve function in some patients with chronic conditions.

Viscosupplementation involves injecting gel-like fluid into the knee joint to treat osteoarthritis. This liquid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber to provide pain relief. Research shows that viscosupplementation is an effective treatment option for reducing knee aches for up to 6 months. Repeated injections may be needed to sustain the relief over time.
Steroid injections can be used to treat knee pain caused by inflammation. They work by reducing swelling and the underlying processes in the joint. For example, cortisone shots can provide short-term pain relief lasting several weeks or months. However, the effects are temporary, and injections may need to be repeated. This therapy does not address the fundamental cause of pain.
PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are an emerging treatment for knee osteoarthritis and pain. The patient’s own blood is drawn and processed to concentrate the platelets, which contain growth factors. The PRP is then injected into the knee joint to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, or ligaments. Our practice shows that PRP injections can reduce knee aches and improve function.
Pain medication, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), may also be effective. These pharmaceuticals reduce inflammation and pain. However, due to potential side effects, such medication should be used carefully under our supervision. A comprehensive pain management plan may also include our suggested physical therapy, weight loss, knee braces, or surgery.

Recovery After Knee Treatment

Recovery time can vary depending on the type of therapy used. For mild conditions treated with rest, icing, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, patients may see improvement in symptoms within a few days 
or weeks. Recovery continues while the swelling goes away and the range 
of motion and strength return.

With treatments like steroid or viscosupplementation injections directly 
into the knee joint, patients may see more rapid short-term improvement in pain and function. However, they may not last for a long time, and patients still need to do physical therapy and other supportive activities.

How quickly one progresses through therapy and recovers depends on factors like age, health status, and severity of joint damage. Close communication and follow-up meetings with Dr. Aram are important during the recovery process.
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Candidates for Knee
Pain Treatment

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. When conservative approaches like rest, ice, compression, and elevation fail to provide relief, more advanced options may be considered. Potential candidates for knee pain treatment include:
The most appropriate treatment path depends greatly on the individual patient’s health status, diagnosis, symptoms, and preferences. Consultation with Dr. Aram can help to determine the best options.

Benefits of Knee Pain Treatment

Despite the great discomfort caused by knee pain, it is good to know that there are effective treatments that can address this condition. At Expert Care Center Pain Management, we offer the most effective therapies that can give our patients the following benefits:

The right knee pain therapy can lead to significant improvements in comfort, mobility, and lifestyle. These benefits make our treatments well worth the patient’s time and effort.

How Much Do Knee Pain Doctors Charge in Delray Beach?

The cost of knee pain treatment in Delray Beach ranges from $100 to $15,000 and more, depending on the cause and type of intervention needed. Nearby areas like Boca Raton and Boynton Beach have similar rates. For mild aches caused by osteoarthritis or injuries, typical expenses include:

For moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis, total knee replacement surgery typically costs between $15,000 and $50,000, including the fees of orthopedic surgeons, anesthesia, facility expenses, and physical therapy. However, it is better to address the cause of knee pain with non-surgical methods, like the ones offered in our practice. We can heal many serious conditions and help people avoid complications in the future.

Patients can learn about the exact price of their treatment at our doctor’s office. We will examine their knee problem and offer the most appropriate therapies. Expert Care Center Pain Management provides full assistance and support, starting from the patient’s first call or online inquiry.

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What Makes Our Knee Pain Doctor Different From Others?

People suffering from chronic knee pain can benefit greatly from Dr. Gazelle Aram’s treatment. She is an excellent doctor who takes a compassionate, patient-centric approach to care. Dr. Aram offers treatment plans that focus on overall health 
and wellness in addition to managing pain symptoms. Her holistic philosophy and commitment to uncovering the root causes of discomfort are highly important for effective pain reduction. In addition, Dr. Aram is a double board-certified professional, which means that her skills and knowledge are at the top level. Our patients find lasting relief with her remarkable treatments and human-centric approach.
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