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Gazelle Aram, MD

Double board-certified in pain management & anesthesiology

Dr. Gazelle Aram is a compassionate double board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist, and well-regarded in the medical community. Known for her patient-centric approach, she crafts individualized treatment plans focusing on overall health, wellness, and anti-aging techniques. Her dedicated care and warm bedside manner ensure patients feel heard and understood.

A nominee for the prestigious Physician Leadership Academy, she is recognized as an emerging leader in medicine. Currently, she provides her expertise at the Expert Care Center in Delray Beach, Florida, offering innovative solutions to chronic pain conditions. Dr. Aram’s holistic approach to medicine and community involvement exemplifies her commitment to promoting health and well-being.

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Born and raised in Boston, Dr. Gazelle Aram has an exemplary educational background. She pursued her medical degree at Albany Medical College, New York, graduating in the top 10% of her class. She underwent an Internal Medicine internship at Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts, which laid the foundation of her medical practice. Subsequently, she devoted three years to an Anesthesiology residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, developing a specialized understanding of patient care during surgery.


Following her residency, Dr. Aram pursued further specialization in Pain Management at the University of California San Diego, ensuring she could provide comprehensive care to patients suffering from chronic pain. Her dedication to education has allowed her to serve as a faculty member at prestigious institutions like Case Western University Hospital and Lahey Clinic.

Dr. Aram’s beliefs are rooted in providing patient-centered care and promoting overall health and wellness. Her commitment to her patients goes beyond merely treating their ailments; she prioritizes listening to her patients and knowing them on a personal level. This enables her to create individualized treatment plans that cater to the specific needs of each patient.


Her interest in anti-aging reflects her holistic approach to health, understanding that it’s not just about treating disease, but also about improving quality of life and promoting longevity.


Moreover, Dr. Aram is a strong advocate for environmental conservation and recycling, showing her commitment to community well-being outside the clinical setting. She believes in playing an active role in her community and is a delegate to the Florida Medical Association.

As a double board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Aram is a respected member of the medical community. She is affiliated with the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Broward and Palm Beach County Medical Societies. Her dedication to her work and the community has led her to be nominated for the prestigious Physician Leadership Academy, which prepares physicians to be leaders in their communities. Through her work at the Expert Care Center in Delray Beach, Florida, she continues to provide innovative and effective treatment solutions for chronic pain conditions.


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Our treatment philosophy

We believe in the power of holistic and personalized treatments, addressing each patient’s unique needs and circumstances. We are committed to empowering comfort and restoring the vitality of life that pain can often diminish. Our approach goes beyond just managing symptoms; we aim to uncover and address the root cause of discomfort to provide long-lasting relief. It’s not just about getting you back on your feet; it’s about enhancing your quality of life. We strive to create an environment that promotes healing, where every patient feels heard, understood, and cared for. By leveraging the latest advancements in pain management, our dedicated team works tirelessly to help our patients reclaim their lives, one individual at a time.

Our Mission

Chronic Pain is an extremely exhausting, debilitating, and mind-consuming symptom. Our mission is to treat patients suffering from pain in a way that they can live with pain and be able to function. We strive to provide safe, evidence-based, multimodal treatment so that our patients can enjoy life and be productive members of society. Our patient’s quality of life drives our philosophy. We believe that pain limits a person’s life by interfering with activities of daily living, enjoyment as well as ability to work. It, therefore, also leads to psychological issues. We want to use our knowledge, experience, and expertise to help people suffering in chronic pain to improve their physical and psychological well-being.

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Dr. Gazelle Aram is a compassionate double board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain


Dr. Gazelle Aram is a compassionate double board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain


Dr. Gazelle Aram is a compassionate double board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain