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Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment for Effective Relief

At Expert Care Center, Delray Beach, FL
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Knee pain can make everyday life very difficult, this is why we offer a wide range of Non-Surgical Pain Management Solutions.

Our non-surgical

pain management solutions:

Knee bracing

KNEE bracing

Neck braces are designed to restrict movement, relieve pain, and provide necessary support following injury or surgery.
injection for knee pain

Injections for Knee Pain

We customized each of our treatments to our patients needs and specific conditions. We offer nerve blocks, facet joint, epidural steroid injections, and more.
knee radiofrequency

knee Radiofrequency ablation

By using heat generated from radio waves the nerve function is disrupted reducing chronic pain signals.
regenerative medicine for knee

Alternative medicine for the KNEE

This treatments seeks to restore the structure and function of damaged tissues, & muscles by stimulating the body’s repair.
knee gel shots

Knee Gel Shots

By using heat generated from radio waves the nerve function is disrupted reducing chronic pain signals.
medication management knee

Medication Management

We focus not only on alleviating immediate pain but also on minimizing potential side-effects & preventing long-term dependence.

Our Treatments are Human-Centered, Not Protocol-Driven

Meet Our


DR. Gazelle Aram, MD

Double board-certified in pain management & anesthesiology
Top-tier pain management specialist, is based in Delray Beach, Florida. A Bostonian, she excelled at Albany Medical College, interned at Lahey Clinic, then pursued an anesthesiology residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami. Post a pain management fellowship at UC San Diego, she served at Case Western Reserve University. She holds dual board-certification in pain management & anesthesiology. An advocate for the environment, patients, a & medicine, she’s a Palm Beach County Medical Society member.
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