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We are located just west of the intersection of Military Trail and Atlantic Ave (On Atlantic Ave between Military Trail and Sims Rd). On the same side as Wood and Fire and the Big Apple Shopping Bazaar. We are located in the EXECUTIVE SQUARE PLAZA (the plaza just to the west of the Big Shopping Bazaar). Unit 306 is located in the back left corner of the plaza.
5341 West Atlantic Avenue Suite 306
Delray Beach, FL 33484
fax: (561) 335-1140


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    About Delray Beach

    If you are in need of Pain Management services in Delray Beach, FL, Expert Care Center is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services, including Lower Back PainArthritisKnee Pain, and Lower Back Pain to our patients with care and expertise. Expert Care Center has served many happy patients of the Delray Beach community. We hope to see you in our office soon!

    Delray Beach is located in Palm Beach County, near the cities of Gulf Stream, FL and Dunes Road, FL. The city is home to a variety of schools, including Atlantic High School, and colleges such as Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University. Patients of our practice can enjoy local attractions and activities in Delray Beach such as Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens, and Atlantic Avenue. After your appointment, grab a bite to eat at one of Delray Beach’s many lively restaurants, including Kilwins Ice Cream and Chocolate or Caffe Luna Rosa.

    See What Our Patients Say About This Location:

    Last year, I woke up with the most severe pain I have ever experienced. My lower back, leg, & foot felt like they were being crushed, electrified, and burned, in addition to my lower leg/foot were paralyzed. Test results revealed the discs in my lower back had completely disintegrated, which resulted in the bones in my spine to grind against each other as well as crushing the nerve(s) responsible for moving my leg/foot, hence, the reason for the pain and paralysis. Due to the severity, surgery was ordered, but due to COVID, all surgeries were suspended until further notice. Therefore, until I could have the surgery I was told I needed to find a Pain Management Specialist ASAP in hopes they could give me some sort of relief until I could have the surgery, including one who would treat me post-op due to the inevitable long and painful recovery time due to the severity of my condition. After asking “who is the best Pain Management Specialist in SFLO, Dr. Gazelle Aram’s name was strongly recommended as the best “Interventional Pain Management Specialist” in the area. As soon as I called her office, Dr. Aram/her assistant said come right over as soon as I could get to her office so she could conduct a complete evaluation of my condition and subsequently create a customized treatment plan for me in her quest to provide me with the best care and pain relief possible. As soon as my wife and I drove up to her office building for my first appointment, Dr. Gazelle Aram, was literally standing outside waiting for me to arrive (that alone speaks volumes about who she is). As soon as we entered her office, my wife and I could immediately feel her genuine concern, empathy, and compassion for me & my condition. Once she finished her analysis, she proceeded to explain (in a non-rushed manner) a comprehensive overview of my condition, in addition to describing the unique characteristics and nuances of my condition, while periodically stopping to ask if I or my wife had any questions or concerns I would like to discuss (not like so many other Physicians I’ve seen who were always too busy to walk me through the specifics and/or giving me more than 5 seconds to ask a question). During my first appointment (and every appointment ever since) Dr. Aram promised she would do (or use) everything in her power to give me with the absolute best care possible by using or deploying every tool, technique, procedure, medicine, etc. in her quest to take care of me, and above all, give me the critical relief from the debilitating pain. To summarize, I am speechless concerning my gratitude and admiration for Dr. Gazelle Aram and her team. Through several epidural procedures, medications, and personalized instructions on how to take care of myself, Dr. Aram was able to do what several physicians felt would be almost impossible, and that was the ability to significantly reduce and/or eliminate my severe pain (both pre-and-post-op). Furthermore, I am excited to say my eventual 6-hour+ surgery went great, but in addition to my surgeon, Dr. Aram continues to be the critical component in my post-op rehabilitation and f/up care team to ensure I am healing properly, improving, sleeping, etc., but compositionally managing any residual discomfort/pain I still have as I continue to slowly heal and rehabilitate towards (fingers crossed) a full recovery. In summary, not only is Dr. Aram simply incredible, but she is a caring, compassionate, and highly educated and qualified Doctor, moreover, her practice is located in a convenient location, in a spotless brand-new building, complete with a friendly and professional staff, not to mention she even did a consultation via a Teladoc/internet. Not only has she taken great care of me and my health, but she is simply lovely to speak with during each appointment. It is incredibly rare to find any doctor that combines such a personal touch and genuine compassionate care for her patients--I could not give anyone a more sincere and strong endorsement and recommendation than Dr. Gazelle Aram.
    K&A M
    January 24, 2021
    Dr Aram and her staff are so kind and caring. They take the time to listen and understand your concerns to create a proper course of action. Highly recommend for anyone suffering with chronic pain whether from a car accident or some other injury.
    December 31, 2020
    Dr. Aram is a true professional, she is extremely kind, considerate, and is willing to go above and beyond to make sure that you get the medical attention/treatment that you need and deserve. Dr. Aram's passion, kindness and professionalism is shared by her office staff and assistants, I highly recommend Dr. Aram.
    Barry S
    December 20, 2020
    Doctor Gazelle Aram is fantastic. I had back pain with foot pain for a long time and she was able to help diagnosis the cause an assist with the pain relief. All my other Doctors over the years rush thru epidurals, but not Doctor Aram. My appointments with her, I get in within a few minutes of my appointment. I give Doctor Gazelle Aram an A+. A must see Doctor if you want pain relief.
    Dennis P
    December 16, 2020